Old lyrics

Four White Walls

Sunlight cracks the brittle darkness
scatter those of us who hide
misery’s stale company
we’ve all been fooled by our own lies

morning breaks the muffled silence
hear it drone
it fills the air
shattering the pregnant tension growing
behind your reptile stare

shaking fingers light another cigarette
blurry shapes collapse and pass out on the bed
a razor slides across your reflection in the mirror
four white walls
closing in

This is a song about speed I wrote after I got sick. None of my user friends seemed to like it lol.


I penned this in my early twenties…

Where Have You Been All My Life

I was lost. On my own. A dead end sign swayed in my road.
I’d turn and toss. Until the light. Just trying to find that someone to hold.
Yeah. I’ve had my share, of cold and lonely nights.
Guess I never wanted what I never needed.
I knew you cared. Cause when I held you tight well
You gave me something that I could believe in.

You made me, say it…

Where have you been all my
Where have you been all my life.

You give me hope. A reason to stand.
There’s no need to question. I know who I am.
You’re making me true. Driving me mad.
You’re showing me the best days that I’ve ever had.
Call it fate. A lucky roll of the dice.
A guardian angel. A wish from a genie.
You’re of a place. Where every word defies.
You’re in every thought girl, you’re in every feeling.
Well baby…baby…

Where have you been all my
Where have you been all my life.

Well some look forever. For some maybe never.
They live for the moment, day by day.
But always treasure, our times together.
Cause you made me see it, you made me say it…

Where have you been all my life.




I wrote the song with Bryan Adams in mind to sing it. My style is simple and right in the margins. It’s the only one of my songs that I feel I truly nailed.

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