Old blues -

I found this old one in my sent mail list.

I took no smoke
sat on a used nico
ruined my raggedy clothes

Cause it wasn’t meant
to be me in that hot seat
with a trumped up Smile

give me a tree’s shade
around the last corner
I’ve been spat out
like the circus canon

open me a piece of gum
let the traffic hum
let my heart be the drum

Sum day my ride
will come, rise high
against the horizon
the old ferris wheel

pickin up gum
on the floorboards
I thought I’d board
but no I got tired

of people talking
about my nico gum
that does me some
(and other things)

traveling in my brain
driving me sane
spit it out and go to bed

but no, I don’t doze
thinking of those times
when rhymes were simple
and free me -

got the chewed up
spat out stepped on blues
and one
old pair of shoes