Olanzapine / Zyprexa and aripiprazole combo


Hi I was wondering if anyone has been on generic zyprexa and generic abilfy before


I was not but
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Hi to help you, you should be on a normal dose of abilify and low dose olanzapine if you want this to happen

a pdoc told me this combo should be ok

but talk to your doctor, but i recommend it because a doctor told me, i tried it myself too


That’s awesome man.


Thank you so much


I’m on this combo. At the moment it’s high dose olanzapine and low dose aripiprazole for me. It seems to be a good combo for me


That’s great. What dose are you on if you don’t mind me asking?


At the moment, 20mg olanzapine and only 5mg aripiprazole. My plan is that I might reduce the olanzapine a little, and if necessary increase the aripiprazole a little

The aripiprazole seems to help a bit with the tiredness and hunger of the olanzapine