Olanzapine vs Paliperidone?

Which one is good ?

Olanzapine has good efficacy but casues weight gain, while Paliperidone has moderate efficacy but causes high prolactin levels.

What are your thoughts ?

I have been on paliperidone for 2 years 9 months. All my blood work has been fine and I have only gained 7 pounds in that time frame. I am also planning on going back to work soon.

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ive been on both, currently on paliperidone, on olanzapine i slept all day and ate way too much doubled my body weight within a year no good,

now im on paliperidone, ive lost 40 pounds, sleep reasonably and dont feel like i am walking around with an anchor pulling me down to want to sleep all day, havent got my prolactin checked but it doesnt matter because if i do have high prolactin i will be staying on the med anyways, i doubt i do tho because my libido is still normal and i dont have any difficulties with that,

different meds work for different people but id pick paliperidone any day because this med works for me and doesnt give me the main side effect i dread

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How long have you been on paliperidone?

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only 3 months m

Okay, I be been on it a while now with no problems except lumps at the injection site.

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I’ve been on Olanzapine since mid-March and I’ve lost 25 pounds by calorie counting. You don’t have to gain weight.

It’s been my miracle drug, so I’m glad my pdoc insisted on trying it. Don’t let the potential for weight gain scare you off.

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Olanzapine is strong, it helps. It makes me a bit restless though.

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I like paliperidone. I took it 8 months.

I like paliperidone. However my prolactin was through the roof. I’m on medication for the prolactin now. I also needed an anti depressant with the paliperidone cause even though my psychotic symptoms went I was still quite depressed.

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What r u taking to reduce ur prolactin

Abilify. A very low dose of it.

I’m on Paliperdone shot once every 3 weeks and it works miracles for me. Don’t gain allot of weight, no hospitalizations, only bad thing is I’m still paranoid and get dulesions the last week of my shot but my doc have me haldol for that.

Although they say every med is different for everybody. I can swear by invega though that is a miracle drug for me at least