Olanzapine together with Ablify?

Hello, my p-doc said I need to add Ablify together with my olanzapine, in order to control my weight gain.

I’ve been taken both at night for about 20 days. I find myself wake up in the early morning say 3am-4am and can’t get back to sleep again.

Do you people have similar experience with the dual p-meds together? Does the insomonia caused by Ablify? I don’t have sleep problem when I take olanzapine alone.

Thank you!

Yes I do wake up randomly in the night too I’m on abilify. But then I go back to sleep.

Why is he giving u both can’t they cut one out. It just feels like an unessescarily lot.

I had both when my doctor wanted me to transition from one to the other.

One is more sedating and one is more activating so I think they go good together

I’m on both right now, 10 mg of Abilify in the morning and 10 mg of Zyprexa at night

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I’m not sure why he would give you those two for weight loss. Those usually cause weight gain. I gained 75 pounds on those when I took them.

Abilify has a unique black box warning that it can increase anger and aggressive behavior. And it certainly did for me.

It seemed both of them are neutral to my mood. I don’t have anger nor aggressive. But I have great difficulty to get up in the morning, although I go to bed at 11 at night. I didn’t gain more weight, nor did I lose significant amount of weight. It seems my weight is unchanged after 2 months of dual p-meds taken.