Olanzapine to Aripiprazole

According to this study, 5mg is better than placebo for about 5 weeks. Then after that it’s no better than placebo.


What Med and dose were you on before…. When I was on 5mg aripiprazole I felt good as well. May aim for that next

I was on aripriprasole maintena 300mg

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So they’ve allowed you to reduce to 5mg which is good…. Are you going to come off in future?

Well I want to but I’m not sure that I can I just have to see if I maintain mental stability with 5mg. If not then I guess I will have to stay on it for life but who knows. I’m hopeful

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Thanks for your answer…. How long is it since your last episode?

Nearly 2 years ago.

My last episode was nearly 2 years ago

Okay mine only ended this April.

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Yeah I gave it two years for my medication to work

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That’s a long time! I want everything sooner than that unfortunately.

I get you I was the same. I didnt want to be on it for two years but it does go fast. Cut yourself some slack. You have been through alot and it will take some time to recover. I’m not saying you have to be on it for life.

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I think switching meds is a bit like the lottery. It might go fine, but also it might not. It’s probably gene dependent or whatever.

I tried to make the switch from 5mg olanzapine to 15mg abilify. It was a total nightmare for me. Heavy side effects. Signs of uncontrollable movement, aching in internal organs, general feeling of unpleasantness. I had to quit after 1 day and go back on olanzapine. It did boost sex drive, but it’s not so important that I’m going to kill myself :relaxed:

Maybe it will work for you, but be careful, you never know how you will react to a new drug.

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