Olanzapine to Aripiprazole

I’m currently on 5mg Olanzapine and thinking to ask to be on 7.5 Aripiprazole…… Is there much risk to the change? Should I ask to go to 10mg and work my way down?

Feel like I’ve lost my masculine drive on Olanzapine.

7.5mg of abilify doesn’t act as an antipsychotic. 10mg is the minimum dose of abilify for schizophrenia.


What do you mean?

Just think it’s raising my prolactin slightly…. Don’t have that feeling of wanting to be with women. Just feel less manly

Lots of people do manage on lower doses though…. I’m on 5mg Olanzapine and fine, when the dose should be 10mg

Maybe you don’t have schizophrenia. Or maybe you’ve just been lucky so far.

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Well I still want women and my sex drive is high eventhough my prolactine is too high and my testosterone is low. The other day I had two sessions in the same day haha Anyways, I think I naturally have a high sex drive, I had hypersexuality on Abilify and it was painful physically and mentally.

I am on 6mg Risperidone. Olanzapine isnt known to raise prolactin, only Invega and Risperidone in north america raise prolactine.

Switch to Abilify, you will have a horse sex drive :grin:


Abilify is one of those medications that seems to have the same effect at certain dosages consistantly. I was on 10mgs for years and it never high enough. They wouldn’t increase it recently I went from 10 to 1064 mgs Aristada and in the psyche ward they rushed it I ended up on too much medicine. Maintenance dose for me Abilify is 15-30mgs and has never failed me either its too much or too little. Too much abilify which is whats in aristada is enhancing the positives and the negatives too much.

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I went from 5 mg olanzapine to 15 mg abilify. I was too sedated on olanzapine. Now i feel a bit better. I don’t know if it was due to i stopped with olanzapine or the abilify kicking in…

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That’s a big jump in antipsychotics dose. How come you didn’t ask to go lower?

I think that there is a big difference between 5 and 10 mg olanzapine. 10 mg is far too much for me, but i managed on 5 mg. I think 5 mg of olanzapine is equal to 10 mg of abilify.

Amisulpride also raises prolactin but its not available here in north america.

True… I think going lower in dose is about having less side effects…. You’re right though, it is gambling

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I was on 5 mg olanzapine and 10 mg of abilify at the same time. I hated being on two AP’s so i dropped olanzapine and increased abilify slightly. Also because i was very tired.

I might go down to 10 mg of abilify to see if i improve, because i don’t know right now if there is any difference being on 10 compared to 15 mg of abilify.

I want to hit the right dose and that takes a lot of experiments.

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On Abilify I had like 6 sessions per day lol

Lol…. Hopeful I’ll be the same

Am hoping I don’t have schizophrenia…. But have had two episodes of psychosis so most likely I do.

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I’m on 5mg of abilify right now after 2 episodes of psychosis and have never felt better. But its early days yet I dont know how this will affect me I’ve only been on it for a week.