Olanzapine and TMG

I take olanzapine 7.5mg.
And I read a news about TMG and I tried TMG 2g daily.
I have any effect now. But I feel my mind is clear and I think
more clearly. I mean my delusion reduced more.
If there is someone who take TMG, I want to litsen.
And TMG and sleep. Dose it affect sleep?

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I’m also on olanzapine. I tried TMG, but I didn’t feel any different, plus it might have given me a headache.

Hope it works out for you though.

@pr21 knows a lot about supplement…

I was on 40mg of olanzapine for almost 17 years.

I could think fine, but it made me fat and I slept a lot. I was tired and lethargic while awake.