Olanzapine and Covid Vaccine

My mother is taking Olanzapine since long years, and she had a suicide attempt 8 days after the Covid vaccination (Sputnik vaccine: the Russian one). She luckily survived but the desire to die is unfortunately still there… she told this to me today.

The doctors say this it a mere coincidence that this happened after the vaccination… well… I am not a doctor, but I do have concerns… I am very very concerned about the second dosage which is yet to come in 2 weeks time.

She is 69 years old now. She was diagnosed in 1982 (actually before I was born ). There is no suicide attempt in her medical records, even if she was completely without treatment for appr. 15 years in the 80’s and 90’s. She is under constant treatment since 2000.
Now she has been feeling unwell since December… but it rapidly got worse 2 days after the vaccination. She wanted to kill herself because she could not bear the voices in her head any more.
I am not saying that there is anything bad in the vaccine… but can it maybe suppress the effect of Olanzapine? What I know for sure is that vaccine producers state that they did not check cross-reactions with other medication. So there is not data about this at all…
I have also read that there is research which confirms linkages between schizophrenia and the immune system…can a strong immune reaction make schizophrenia symptoms worse?

I really do not want to discourage anyone from taking the vaccine …because if someone gets covid, then they receive a lot of medication… and those were not tested I guess with Olanzapine either…

Is there any immunologist out there who can answer my questions? Is there someone who experienced stronger symptoms after the vaccine? If you have a relative who takes Olanzapine think it is worth to pay a little extra attention after the vaccination…

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Hi @Kata .I ve got sinopharm two monts ago,and I have mental problems from it.Im in Serbia…
Weird dreams,hallucinations etc.
Was on olanzapine…Ask if you want…

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I didn’t get the vaccine yet so i can’t help much i think.

I think only a doctor would know. There’s a family forum here for people with loved ones who experience psychosis.
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I’d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

While this is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia and other closely related psychotic disorders, the Family forum is specifically for people like yourself, who have a loved one they are concerned about.

Also, please let your loved one know about this forum as they may find it helpful.

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