Olanzapine 5mg

Hello, everyone i was taking olanzapine and I was wondering if anyone else got a numb tongue. I had to discontinue due to that. I still got that question, maybe it was only temporary. Since I already tried seroquel, abilify, and zyprexa.

I didn’t get that on Zyprexa but it raised my bp, cholesterol and triglycerides. Also caused prediabetes. These disappeared on Abilify, Risperdal and Latuda.

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Thanks for reminding me to get my bloodwork done. lol


I take Olanzapine 5 mg and no issues for me, With it I also take Aripiprazole 20 mg no issues.
But yeah initial few month lots of side effects, drooling, jumping on bed while a sleep, feel like right upper part of my ear bleed, 3D dreams it used to seem real more than reality. Plus low BP and diabetics which came in as discounts :joy: I had hard time to get adjusted to meds. That is the only reason I dont want my meds to be changed.

I’m on Olanzapine 15mg/day and I never had that side effect. the only side effect I have is constipation, I have to take laxatives everyday.

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