Okay, you guys can laugh at me if you want... But i still want imput

Has any one ever thought of creative ways to try to reduce/ignore auditory hallucinations??
If people struggle with knowing what is real and not real, do you think a hearing ampifiler would help??? Yes i know it sounds crazy but i am seriously consider trying this.
My thought is that you would hear “your surrounding” in a much louder volume so you could then tell what people are truely saying around you. Yes, it would be distracting but say at like a job, it might reduce fear and paranoia.
I am hopefully starting work soon so i thought to maybe try this.
Yes, i also use headphones and music to block stuff out but if you have to be on the ball, this might initially calm me.


Hi @Priscillame I personally think my hallucinations would get worse if I used an amplifier. One trick I know is to have a dog, as it will respond if it hears voices. If the dog doesn’t respond, you’ll know it’s just auditory hallucinations.

Obviously, many of us cannot keep a dog, especially if we’re working. Of course, the best thing is antipsychotic medication. It’s really the best option. I hope you find the best one for you.


@parallelmind, yes i like the dog idea. Our dog definately does a good job at that, lol.

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That’s great, @Priscillame :slightly_smiling_face:

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