Okay so I'm a nobody

ever feel like you’re out fieldno one’s pitching you the ball

Sure everyday then I do some excersise to assist in expelling the chemical back up in my brain and do something to occupy my time like play scrabble on my phone.If you can download apps try some games that make you use your mind.My sz has me going in and out of reality all day and I have to decompress or ill eventually blow my top and do something I regret later.

Youll feel better later man.

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At times I do, but I am so paranoid I often think people are out to get me. You have to be pretty important for a lot of people to want to hurt you.

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Most days, I’m not even in the game.


Who is a somebody?


A nobody who believes they are?

Please know I love you Dr. Zen.


Me too Dr. Zen, you make an adorable “nobody”


We all be nobodies.


even nobody is a somebody.

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Lol I’m a nobody too we can be no buddies together hehe! I hate that googling myself turns 0 results lmao… My sadistic sense of humor with myself sorry…

Who would want to play their game anyway?

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I am a nobody too,it’s okay to be a nobody,only 1 in a million people can be a lady gaga or Kobe Bryant

You are allright @TheGreatestDrZen - Hang in there!

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Quick. Heads to this web site, stat.


I’m supposed to be out in a field? Dang, no wonder I can’t find anyone… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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