Okay one more day of shopping and we will be done

Today we need to get my daughter a really good pair of runners. Brand name. Likely Adidas. Then to the dollar store to get scissors. And grab a cup of coffee.


My wife sold my excellent pair of Nikes in our garage sale. For $1.00!!!

Yesterday she was looking at stuff on Amazon and asking, “can we afford this?” “AFTER we replace my sneakers.” “Oh, right. Sorry.”


Shoes are way important…gotta get the brand name spendy kind so they can feel good about getting out the door in the morning.

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We used to buy them cheap Walmart shoes only to need to replace them several times during the year. Name brand last the school year

True and as long as they have good shoes you don’t have to go name brand with much other stuff.

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They are happy with Walmart clothes mostly so that’s good. And we didn’t need to break the bank.

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Try and get Red Wing if you can. I first discovered this brand while buying safety footwear for driving a fuel truck. Their steel toe workboots are incredibly comfy and light. Amazing. That got me to try their walking shoes that are also splendid. My replacement runners will come from them. They’re a bit cheaper than Nike/Addidas and the build quality is probably 25% better.

We found her a really nice pair of Nike shoes. They are higher than a regular shoe and lower than a basketball shoe. Nothing bright or gaudy looking. Perfect. Just over a hundred dollars. My ex husband gave me the money.

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