Okay, newscasters, please stop saying psychotic, you don't even know how to apply it

doesn’t matter how you tune into, Sheri, Left or Right.


C’mon they know exactly what they’re doing. Making us schizos out to be monsters.

Weird. How did you get a backwards “F” for your avatar? Dont think I have ever seen that before.

Edit: Not to derail,but found it strange/.

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I just used a paint program.

Am I being a pain, I am aren’t I? Sorry, I’ll bugger off.

Good night ladies and gents.


Kind of figured you mustve modified. Didnt think the system would do that.

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The F backwards looks pretty coool :v:x

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Haha well if @crimby has a t for his anything is possible

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Daze with all due respect you probably went crazy because a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song. :slight_smile: (I hope you find some humor in that.)

What’s wrong? You’re not a pain!

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I agree - the media misuses the word psychotic. We’re seem as psychopaths instead. It makes me so angry!

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