Okay i'm back now

After a short break from the site i’ve decided to return to the site.

I’m back.


Lmao I was just writing 'don’t…'
Those very extremely stressful 60 seconds! :sweat:


What are you talking about?

I was gone for five years…


Okay I might be a little confused but never mind, its a Christmas time again yet! Your favourite holiday Pans! :santa: :sparkle:

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Nothing to be confused about, i left the site five years ago. I decided to return to see what was going on.

I hate all of the holidays now and i think they should be changed into something else.

I like holiday sales. That’s about all I love about holidays.
Its actually beautiful to see the discrepancy between the cultural representation of ideal white cozy Christmas and the reality of air polluted no snow shitty december in cities.
And that’s where the magic starts. Simulation of simulation of happiness.
Cheers pan :wine_glass:

Hey Pans, I am going to get myself another copy of your successful book you wrote, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. I wore out my first copy out from reading it so much. Hey, will you autograph a copy for me?

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I’ll grow on you.

Why would i want to influence people?

I don’t want to play chess for friends either, don’t want to win them, it should come naturally.


Lol. Like a fungus? Or more like a chrysanthemum?

Like a tumour. :smirk:

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I only play chess for certain friends. :sunglasses:

I like being the knight and going for queens. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

I’m a woodpusher. :slight_smile:

Who are you again?

Since you say you don’t keep up to date on slang terms, I’m going to do you a favor. That does not mean what you think it means.


I hate slang. it turns innocent things into unclean things, sometimes. even my poems. :disappointed_relieved:

If I knew all the slang of today, I probably wouldn’t be able to post anything. :frowning:

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