OK what do i do

OK now I do KNOW that

I was not Injected and it is my imagination.

However I go under spells in a day when I assume I have lost my memory and my emotions and as you know my work and personal relationships have gone sour.

i KNOW that probably I DO HAVE schizophrenia but the saving grace is that I do recognize through my power of reasoning that I WAS NOT INJECTED and my brain is playing tricks.

Should I start medications temperarily and then switch to Therapy??.

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Do you think it’s an avoidance of dealing with those two things?

What do you think would be best for you? Your struggling as it is dealing with it yourself. Help is out there for you and sounds like you know where it is. So why the hesitation?


yeah thanks Dreamscape.

I am handling the work situation right now and probably will be able to manage that.

Personal is out of my hand really.

I am not thinking about the personal right now cause that is the one which has contributed heavily to my situation right now.

I am also considering leaving my wife …since she is maybe unwilling to co-operate even a bit and I cannot change her thinking (She is basically a childish spoilt brat) - Its an arranged marriage (One final kick in the butt to me thanks to my epic parents) and she cannot possibly relate to my situation.

I think I will visit a Therapist like TOMMOROW.

In regards to your wife would marriage counselling be an option? Would kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Something to think on at anyrate.

I’d be lost with out the phone counselling lines. Generally I’m better on the phone then anywhere else. But a great place for temporary therapy. Open 24hrs and very cheap. It really does help to physical talk to someone . I’ve also started to notice some have very cheap charges for mobile phones also. Just getting some options out there for you.

Hey really thanks and appreciate for your help !.

Mine is an arranged marriage and i am in India. Lots of factors are involved(Families getting along etc). That too is badly messed up and with my wife not willing to listen its going to be very hard for me to pursue this.

You know forget marriage counselling this problem can be solved like in minutes if the families talk to each other…It is the Hindu culture and religion in my country…Its more like EGO is the only deal…and people Lie, steal, break marriages and even kill for it.

The idea of marriage counselling is the therapist acts as a mediator. Works much the same for family counselling. Yes, my knowledge is limited of India although I know things are changing rapidly there.

Wife is at her home with her family and I live alone…She is listening to her family and her family does not want this marriage. (Though it dosent matter for my case but my family isn’t also keen on saving the marriage for other reasons which are not relevant).

Counselling can only work when She takes a stand and goes against her family which she isn’t interested in doing.(after all its her marriage too!).

Yup you got that right !!

Things are changing rapidly out here and generation gaps are causing a lot of issues in many families and marriages.

If your schizophrenic that makes it almost inevitable that you’ll get medicine. Depending on community resources, you’ll probably get therapy too. Where I am at in eastern Oklahoma they depend more on med’s than therapy.

Change can be scary for everybody old or young. Might just be the family needs some guidance into the future.

Yeah I mean I do have a cousin who is very smart, understanding and educated…and he loves me a lot…He is 12-14 years older to me and he is almost a father figure to me…

He is also a very strong social person and has huge connections in society (Goes a long way in India).

…He can make the situation work for me…I mean he can speak to -

  1. My Family and convince them to change with the times.
  2. Her family and convince them to continue the marriage.

But the problem is that my Wife does not want to proceed with it. So my cousin cannot possibly do anything. Only if my Wife says fine then he can speak to stuff.

No ones’s ever been guilty of saying life is easy… Some battles are worth the fight.

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  1. Lost appetite.
  2. Hurried speech.

Sorry about your situation. You could just talk to a doc about trying a med. Then if you don’t like it you could stop.

You could tell your wife you’re working on your problems with professional help. I don’t know if there is stigma in India. Wouldn’t her family like that you are trying to change for the better?

You have nothing to lose and it could help.

  1. Its an arranged marriage
  2. I have an idiot as my wife. (She would run away the farthest distance if she knew I had schizophrenia).

Thats how it is in India.

My parents got me married in 3 days and ruined everything…I love her…but she is a child…brainless, arrogant child.

Her family have pampered her like hell and she has absolutely NO CLUE as to what life is. Her idea of life is constant enjoyment and having fun and noone should come in between that.

As long as she gets that…she is fine…otherwise she would dump you.

And she is 28 IF YOU BELIEVE ME.

Ive kind of given up on this marriage.

I will stabilize myself and look for a woman more deserving of my love.

Sorry I did not answer your original question.

Yes I am looking for a good doctor asap

Its the ■■■■■■■ caste system too…

I really really liked a Girl and she was smart, intelligent,wise, humble and kind.

Unfortunately she and I were different castes and my parents did not allow me to marry her.


Anyway past is past…Now that I am independent person I will look for my girl irrespective of any religion/caste/sect/race whatever.

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Here in USA we have something similar called racism. Brave souls intermarry. It even used to be illegal way back! My husband grew up in a small young that had NO Black people at all. It feels really weird to go there.

With time the old folks die off and I think things will eventually get better here with time.

Yeah but this has been there in my country since 2000+ years and JUST does not go away whatsoever.

ACTUALLY things are pretty bad here.

People ALWAYS marry within castes and especially marriage between a Low caste and a High caste is next to impossible. People would just ostracise you from society.

And even today 99% of all marriages in India are ARRANGED MARRIAGE wherein just 1 meeting happens under the supervision of the parents and marriage takes place. (If you can believe that !).

The irony of the situation is that:-

If you read the history of India…There was a period in India’s history when Buddhism became popular in India for a period of say 700 years (The Buddha spoke against the Caste system and criticized it)…And ALL CASTE inter-married between each other.

But then Buddhism fell in India and then Hinduism or Brahmanism (Religion of Brahmins) gained ascendancy and ever since then Caste System has remained rigid and Indian society has remained in the dark ages !!.

I dont know what you read in the western media but poverty is STARK and TERRIBLE in India.

More than 90% of the population live on something like a Dollar a day and ALMOST ALL OF THEM belong the Lower castes.

The Upper castes who make up 8-10% of the population control about 96% of the nation’s wealth not to mention the Intellectual, Religious, Societal and Moral life.

It is worse than Apartheid in Africa and it is something that the Western nations need to stand up and start criticizing.

If they can speak against Apartheid why are they quiet against the caste system in India ??