OK this is it. As MJ once said

It’s my birthday tomorrow.

I will be 33 tomorrow.

Jesus died when he was 33.

I do not want to die at 33.

Tomorrow my healthy lifestyle begins.

That’s why I’m gifting myself with a necklace or anklet that says



Happy early birthday. Love the necklace/anklet idea! I too need to draw a line in the sand with my eating. I may join you on your healthy approach starting sunday…have to go to a xmas party Sat so got to go out with a bang!

Happy birthday @LittleMissSlothy !

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Happy early Birthday @LittleMissSlothy. You look fine to me but if you’re serious about this diet then I wish you good luck.
And I hope the job is going OK with the thigh-inspectors.

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Lol Nick this made me lol out loud on the street

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Yes the more the merrier!

Wishing you a fab Xmas pardei!

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‘This is it’

That was meant to be MJ s concert before he passed away

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Thanks you guys :slight_smile:

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good for you :slight_smile: you can make a change. maybe making some concrete commitments can help. like " i will work out for 30 minutes every day" or “even if i slip up i will not binge”. i think sometimes setting rules can help especially if ur OCD like me haha

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Ahh thanku yes u are right.

Some rules never hurt

I’m thinking like only water for drinking.

isn’t this considered ‘religion’

I posted yesterday I posted something
about all my community service,
and not needing any religion to do it,

and it was hidden.

I don’t know if it’s significant enough to be considered religion. Just mentioned that jesus died at 33.

I would have assumed that’s not too bad

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yeah. but a lot of people don’t believe in Jesus.

idk, it’s just me, though, they’ll do anything to shut me down.

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by the way, Happy Early Birthday.

still very young.

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I don’t strictly believe in Jesus either.


But it’s just a sign to me that I could die this year if I’m not careful.

Thankyouuuu :smiley:

I appreciate it

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I thought that at age 47, even wrote a story about it.

but here I am, 52.

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You know 52 is pretty young too.

You are as young as you feel

I think.

Why were you suspended do you mind me asking?

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I was suspended over my research on PTSD,
said I was invalidating people.
I felt like I was too being invalidated.

it was over 30 days. I’m limiting my time here now.

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