OK they say sz is genetic so here is my theory

I looked at a sz map on Wikipedia that showed how prevalent sz is around the world and the experts say it’s genetic. the highest concentration of schizophrenics in the world is in Indonesia. so I think we’re all atleast a little Indonesian.anyone gotten a DNA ancestry test? I know they are still updating the databases as everyone on Earth’s DNA has not been collected so they are inconclusive to a great degree.

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Those Ancestry tests can tell you what region of Asia(North,South,Southeast etc) you come from but can’t specify somewhere like Indonesia.

I have tested with all the main Dna ancestry sites.

For those interested My heritage now do a test(I have not tested with them).

https://www.myheritage.com/dna Results online in 3-4 weeks which is quicker than other such sites.

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I paid for an ancestry.com membership for a month once, they also offer DNA tests but you really have to pay a genealogist if you want to know your ancestry.

even if you do it yourself that’s better than ancestry.com you can go get your birth certificate and get the names of parents, get your parents birth certificate from the government and it will list her parents names, then you order theirs, their parents, their parents, etcetera

My DNA test came back as Jedi. (Midichlorians! Whoooo!)

Not sure if that helps you or not.