Ok, the guy on the news shooting up the Subway station

I didn’t have to get a gun, a sword, a grenade or a pipe bomb.
mine has been power of the pen. I’ve never hurt anybody.


As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than than the sword.

All the major internet companies are afraid of, or just don’t like, opinions that different from their own so they censor people.

Social websites should fall under a different category than other businesses. People should be able to say what they want online without it being deleted or being banned.

Yes there will be a lot of BS posted, but the fact thaf stuff has been banned or deleted that later turned out to be true by a bunch of loser fact checkers proves all these community standards are bullsh*t.



couldn’t have said it better myself, honey! thanks for that.


All I see on Facebook is people saying whatever they want, and generally it’s not very pleasant place reading what people say to each other.

It’s pretty brutal and unhealthy

I see many times people posting innocent and innocuous things online and they get mobbed by people no better than trolls

That’s why I never read comments unless I really feel the need too.

I don’t care what Joe Bloggs thinks about much of anything

typically I see it over politics, still on-going, nothing changing there.

I made a post about the fact that I had schizophrenia in a good natured humorous way and it got deleted. I then made another post complaining I just got marginalized online like people with schizophrenia are marginalized in real life and they deleted that too.

My post wasn’t derogatory in anyway.

I don’t usually care what Joe Bloggs thinks either, but my problem is that soon as someone has the power to censor speech I may not like, they then have the power to censor my speech. I don’t like that, it happened to me and it pisses me off. My post wasn’t even bad.


Words are like weapons they wound sometimes.
A lyric from “if i could turn back time” -cher

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Is this groups?

I only see the comments on pictures and articles on the news feed for liked pages

Once, I was on a Power Tool group a couple of years ago, and Facebook threatened to take the group down if they didn’t moderate it better

Might be something to that

Yeah, it was in a private group. I messaged the group admin and got no response. But the admins last post was from 4 days ago so I’m pretty sure it was the Facebook moderators that deleted it, not the group admin.

I’m very open about my schizophrenia too, it’s what NAMI wants us to do, but they never told us about the consequences.
oh sh-it. keyboard warriors. come meet me in person.

It sucks. I bet they have rooms full of people censoring content.

Understand they don’t want sick content on there, but Schizophrenics shouldn’t be in that bracket

However, we are sub-standard citizens from how I see I’ve been treated by healthcare professionals and the state

Just seen as a lost cause


I agree with that wholeheartedly.

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It’s a shame people can be written off like that

For some reason the maths for providing us with support and what we have to offer society has suffered a miscalculation that’s not in our favour

We just have to take meds and be compliant or get put in hospital

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not always. just gotta break the stigma.

Not even the mental health campaigners will vouch for people like us

All they talk about is depression and anxiety

There is more troubling illnesses that need supporting too - even if people are fewer in number

It in fact makes me quite angry that they choose two illnesses rather than campaigning for everybody

well, if you’re talking mental, or maybe you’re talking physical,
every brain is different otherwise they’d be diagnosing us
with a CT scan.
I never had that. did you?

I have not seen any proof on a scan.

All I know is that since I was 17, unmedicated I end up in hospital completely out of my mind

Last few years have been less severe, but that’s mainly because I have not quit meds cold turkey

I’ve noticed that too.

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