Ok the beta blocker Nobiten half a pill seems to be working

I was diagnosed a week ago for Sinus tachardia in resting state with only abilify depot and clonazepam

my heart rate is normal, but my question is, can i still take NAC for my depression or is it too dangerous

damn recovery is a bitch!

my psychiatrist said before the beta blocker, not related to beta blocker that it’s my own risk, is that helping me? i’m sufferign from these negative symptoms i’m not a lazy man but suffering from over a decade from schizophrenia (chronic psychosis) and a lamictal induced psychosis also

I have tachycardia too. I just went to the doctor. He said I should see a cardiologist. He didn’t give me beta blockers.

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after few tests by an internist and nurse, and EKG they prescribed it

Really great questions to ask a doctor rather than strangers on the Internet who might give you dangerous advice for kicks! d00000d.


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haha Pixel, you were also typing at the same time on this post : ) i’m better with the beta blocker

I am glad to hear you are better. I am dysfunctional enough that I admit to keeping a mental list of people I wouldn’t mind seeing expire before others. YOU are NOT on it.


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thanks Pixel, living with paranoid schizo for more then a decade now : (

i wish i could take sarcosine again ;(