OK so I'm on a dating site looking for a boyfriend

And one guy we were talking then he asked me if I have a nice pussy? X

What are your opinions on that

To put it into context I was looking for a hookup for the weekend.

Still, that put me off.

It implies not all ‘pussies’ lol, are nice.

He was honestly a cool guy.

But that question just upset me too much.


He’s objectifying you

I wouldn’t put up with it…

Cos he was saying nice things like, if we want we can just chat and other stuff during the night we don’t have to definitely have sex.

But when he asked that question I got upset




That’s a funny one.

It’s an old one, but a gold one

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As you should 15151515551.

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Idk if I’m being oversensitive?

No, I mean, if a girl asked if I have a nice d*ck, I’d be pretty offended. It’s okay to stand up for yourself.


Or would I be offended, idk. But still, it’s too straight forward, and if straight forward isn’t what you’re about, it isn’t what you’re about

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OK that’s good to hear it from your perspective, thankyou. It’s just such a WEIRD question. Like wth.

I would never say to a guy is your penis nice?

Like as if he’s gonna say no…

How deflating. And demoralising.

Idk. Man.


I also dislike the word pussy


Yeah, even if it is just sex you’re looking for, there still gotta be a certain level of respect going into it, I think? Idk, honestly I’m a guy and all of us suck tbh, so you shouldn’t be taking my word for it.

Yea I was looking for a decent guy.
For sure.

Exactly, you’re looking for something a little more than sex

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Yea maybe.

But he was talking in that way so I was really attracted.

He had nice face too.

But then that question was dropped on me


I think. Or something like that, idk I’m not you. But just be careful out there, and stick up for youself. Also self defense.

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I gave him my clear opinion and then blocked him.

He was great to chat to, and I told him that

But just the question upset me

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yeah… tbh he probably knows he can get away with it or something…