Ok, so i'm 32 and i had sex but i'm still not did the deed :s

Ok, so i’m 32 and i had sex but i’m still not did the deed : :s

i feel ashamed, but can one blame, the first girl had aids, we did some foreplay, but not did it, i’m glad i didn’t i was 18 at that time…

then bit later i fell in love with a beautifull girl, nada, she just played with me

then when i was incarcerated for 5 years i met a girl i had my first kiss, a girl who fell in love with me
(no names) and we did foreplay but i was always scared of getting a sexual transmited disease since my first experience.

i’m male so it’s not fun my life anymore, i’m no pervert, but i hope i get cured from the sarcosine, my main goal is to achieve some state of happyness, i am into music, i’d love to get a girlfriend but with those psychosis symptoms and almost zero sex drive now due to ■■■■ medications, i am just hoping sarcosine will change my life a bit… i wanna ditch that evil seroquel and replace it with sarcosine

my psychosis is controlled by abilify maintena and clonazepam 1 mg twice, and seroquel helps but its bloody sedating and i hate it!!!

i don’t feel like masturbating (uhum) anymore, and i don’t like watching internet p*** i feel like a total loser lately.

this stupid schizophrenia has ruined my life and love life.

That’s a different way to look at it. Risperidone took away my sex drive. Even though I miss it I was so bad with women all I really experienced was pain and heartache because no woman really returned my feelings. Maybe I have high standard I don’t know. Anyway I found that it can be kinda liberating to not have to worry about women anymore. Part of me still wants a woman a little bit but nothing like before. I also don’t masterbate anymore.

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thanks for been so honnest, i know this is a sensitive subject…

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i know but recently the youngest girl of the ward i am at fell in love on me, should i see this as a compliment
but something went wrong again, but i still love her she is 3 years younger then me

i might never see her again (i hope not)


I’ve got no time for porn or masturbation either they can pervert the mind. You can free yourself by studying your emotions and thoughts I usually read the encyclopedias online about social science national laws country’s etc that’s how I free and expand my mind these days. Drop the drugs and alcohole if you are doing them I found that those things messed with me in a major way with my sexuality. Study inner power and it’s transformative quality it can make you good or evil so make sure you don’t do read or listen to the wrong things like music movies people etc

Once you free you mind and body you should have no fear maybe you could study things like your mind and yoga with your experiences.

I’d recommend calling your pdoc as soon as you can.

When Im psychotic I can’t even think about sex/masturbation.

I think this question belongs in a different section.

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It’s definitely not a good idea to replace the Seroquel with Sarcosine, since Sarcosine is not an antipsychotic. It’s a supplement that helps with some of the negative symptoms for some people.
You’d be setting yourself up for failure.


What do you mean by “not did the deed”?

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I think he means he messed around but not full intercourse

i think he means she didn’t make him cum