Ok, I'm going up to get my meds, can't wait

see you in awhile, they better have them all or I’ll be pissed. Lord knows what Daze will do.


Last time they shorted me 5 days of my new med, it was a rough five days skipping doses. Gonna have them count the new med out in front of me, I know it sounds rude but that way I’ll make sure I get it all.

Have fun, make sure they don’t stiff you!


thanks, I got 'em all. I’m happy camper and tomorrow will be a better day.


Hope they had them all for you. Last time I went to get my meds they had them wrong.

That’s good @Daze I’ve been shorted before it was bad. Went 5 days with out my latuda and abilify. Turns out was a mix up with the nurse anyway I hope you have a good night.

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