Ok i will leave

so you wont delete the post i know where im not wanted this is not “support” i need.

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Say what ???

i do not know what post you are talking about, but sometimes as sz we can percieve things to be injust when really it is not…there would be a logical explanatoin to your problem.
no one is against you, it would be a shame to leave over a misunderstanding.
take care


what’s happened dandy? y would u feel the need to leave? i personally had a great giggle with u on one of my threads and would hate to c u go. what’s brought this on? xxx

Don’t leave, I know szs may have their mind going from one extreme to another. On one day sz wants to do something and then on another day sz wants to do something different.


im not leaving ty for all your replies was just a misunderstandingxxxx


I’m glad you decided not to leave. You are one of my favorite people on this forum. :smile:

awww sweet caroline da da da ty that means a lot howve u been?

I’ve been all right. I’ve been going to school. That has been mostly okay, except for the fact that I hate two of my classes. Business and Professional Speech, for example. Next week we have to do mock interviews for employment, and later we have to give a speech on some business topic. The other class that I’m not too fond of is Cultural Realities of Spain. We have to write group reflection papers on what we learn, and also give a group presentation on one city of Spain. Ours is Toledo, Spain. I just hope that I can get decent grades in these classes. I like my two other classes–Intro to Ethics, and Introductory Psychology. Those classes follow the more traditional format of study, study, listen in class and take good notes, and then take tests and write essays. There’s no group work that is graded.

How have you been?

ahhh public speaking i heard it helps if you imagine them all sitting on the toilet lol
ive been busy cleaning my house and walking my dogs my boyfriend goes away half the week and i dont see anybody for a while im started to WOOF.
going swimming with my boyfriend this week i ridiculousley excited about it!!
like a child haha maybe you could have a bit of microwsleep in the lesson you dont enjoy worked for me in maths class at school. tc