Ok I stop my communication today

I am going to manage to go over my current depression and paranoia and often a good night sleep has helped, see you guys here tomorrow.


Take care man. Right now you are :cloud_rain: But soon you will be :sunny:


Sorry you’re having a rough day. I hope tomorrow will be better. :sunny:


Good night! :star:

I rested a little, feeling a little better, I have one book ‘Words of Wisdom’, it is in Finnish and it is as old as I am, 50 years old, I wanted to post one wisdom:

‘Every night we die, every morning we are reborn again, every day is life’ Edward Young


Glad you are feeling better !
Have you read Kalevala??
I heard it is an important Finnish literary work, but that’s all I know.

Sure, I think I have a copy of it.

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What is it about? Some legend with heroes and dragons? Some impossible love story?

You can find it on the net, also you can use wiki.

Really hoping things get better for you.

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I think I’ll be much better after sleeping well tonight, my mind can relax and be in peace, I try not to post messages if I am depressed, but today I did. Gladly I have my psych meeting in a few days and I can discuss issues, I try to avoid triggers that may cause my paranoia or depression, but one can not be always happy and positive about things.


I hope you sleep well. I have difficulty to fall asleep now at 3AM.

I slept very well and now I am feeling much better, just had my breakfast and took my meds, now browsing the net and drinking a cup of coffee.


I just had some depression. Or at least a bout of it. Chocolate seems to help or maybe it is a placebo.

Great to hear that you’re feeling better; and, what a great quote. Every day you die and you’re reborn — I’m going to pray on that idea today. Hugs.