OK, explain this logically

I was talking to my self, in my head, and I said “it doesn’t matter”, and TV said “it doesn’t matter”. What the hell?


It’s a common enough phrase.

It really doesn´t matter. If they are watching you? so what… live a boring life in their honour.

I think it’s just a coincidence. I don’t look into synchronicity much anymore simply because it can make one obssesive about it…

Could be a coincidence, synchronicity, or just a hallucination.

The TV said it and then you thought it,

Your brain made you think it was at the same time.

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Something is going on. Maybe I am relapsing.
I hear voices today and I saw the gates of paradise

you might be overthinking it. sometimes we become hyper alert.

How often does it happen? The law of averages says that will happen every now and then especially if you’re looking for it. It means nothing, it’s a non-incident.

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