Ohhh, no, guess what?

Phil thinks I’m getting gout.

please no, no more pain!

I guess a couple of people in the family have it,
but they’re all men.

I’m getting into the foot doc, soon, I hope.


if it’s not my eyes, now it’s my foot.

I feel like I’m 75.

Try eating a bunch of dark red cherries. My old boss had gount and I told him to eat a can of cherries a day on bad gout days. Helped clear it up.


thank you, that’s a good idea, I love cherries.

and it would help me sleep too, I’m up and down all night,
kinda depends if I’m having bad nightmares.

If you feel like you’re 75, you feel like me. I’m 76. It’s not all bad.


I didn’t mean to offend you, Chordy.

I hope I make to age 75.

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It didn’t offend me. I know I’m no spring chicken any more. That’s just the way life goes.

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both my parents are 74, and they both tell me
that they don’t want to deal with me anymore,

and all my whims. we’re still on good terms though.

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I’m sorry @Daze I know gout is extremely painful, I hope you recover quickly

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I have heard of docs mentioning cherries too

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Something in cherries reduces the uric acid build up that causes gout.

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yeah, good.

Phil says its acid flakes.

this is why he always beats me in Jeopardy,
wealth of knowledge. ha.

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I have gout. It’s extremely painful and I had trouble walking when I had an attack. Go to the doctor and get on allipuronal…whatever it’s called over there. 300 mgs. Never had a problem since going on that.

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Man gout sucks! My mom has it and it breaks my heart to see her in pain. She says reducing red meat intake helps.

Hope you feel better!

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