Oh, You Look Tired!

I’ve never understood the type of people who say this to others…it’s very rude.

I’ve gotten it my whole life. I feel like shooting back with…“Yeah, but you’re ugly and I’ll rest tonight and look better tomorrow.”

Of course I’ve never said this to anyone, but I’ve come close.


I never get people telling me that since risperidone, the only thing that comes between me and a good nights sleep is computer games

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My wife is on Lithium for Bipolar disorder and has sleep terrors as well. Her co-workers often tell her that she looks tired. It upsets her, but there is very little she can do about it.

Some people are just clueless sometimes.

I sometimes wake up from nightmares is that similar to sleep terrors?

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Yes it is similar to sleep terrors…my wife will awaken frightened thinking she is being chased or attacked…sometimes several times each night.

Thats not good, messes with sleep if it happens all the time

It’s a bit rude to me, too. The reason why I am so tired is because atrophy drains energy out of my system. I try to look my best but it’s always “you look tired”. I appreciate that people are looking out for me, though.

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