Oh will you look at that-I’m unbanned

Thought it was a week but I was banned on Monday morning. Now it’s Sunday and :boom: I’m allowed to post again. You mods have gone soft :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyways. What a week it’s been. Read a few novels. But that wasn’t till after I started lamictal. Turns out it improves my concentration, steadies my mood, mania and depression both likewise, as well as I don’t wake up to dread anymore at all. Wake up quite fine. Must’ve been something like dreams drove me to depression, but now it’s stabilized. For now at least

Anyways, what else happened this week??? Oh yeah I “conquered” my delusions. After ten consecutive years of truly being deluded. My delusions have been gone for about 40 hours now. Is a nice start, nice relief :+1:.

I dunno if it’ll change. But I really felt something click with the delusions.

Like I’ve had a day or 2 delusion-less b4 but kinda knew it’d come back. This doesn’t feel like it’ll comeback. I’ve suffered too long, deluded. Now is ok :+1:

Not gonna do ketamine for a long time. Actually last batch turns out it was laced with methamphetamines. Not a pleasant experience to me. I threw it into the breeze outside. And lamictal helps me not need to self medicate my mood anymore

My mania, depression, waving back and forth at each other. Mood disorder was left untreated for years. Forcing me to long to self medicate. That longing is gone thanks to lamictal. Great :+1: med. anyways I plan on reading a bit more today. But might post a little for now. Reddit forums are good but slow sometimes. Especially /schizophrenia

I like posting on another subreddit too. But this board trumps r/schizophrenia I’d say in interaction and feedback and whatnot. They definitely got us in freedom tho…. But hey you can’t have it all


really nice to hear you doing good =)

i hope the lamictal keeps helping you!

also nice that you are back, blue =D


Good luck man, I’m also addicted to mania but trying to overcome it

I’m glad you’re feeling better. Looking back, we could all see that you were acting manic. I think a few people commented. But how much insight did you have, and what could we have said that would have helped you at the time?

I’m glad you’re doing well. We’re glad you’re back.

well done, great to hear you doing well :slight_smile:

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