Oh what family drama!

It all started when I posted on husband’s family whatsapp group that he’s in hospital and so prayers appreciated. Then his eldest sister phoned me and I made mistake of telling her that I’m thinking of leaving him. Stupid me!

I unleashed a Pandora’s box…

His sister said she wants to send me a gift so that I can relax and have strength to stay with her brother. I said no its not necessary but she insisted. So I was half forced to give her a list of what I wanted (including the Ellen Saks book I so badly wanted).

So I told my mom and she was very angry at his sister and said how dare she bribe me with her gifts and that I mustn’t accept it. But cancel it.

So I told hubby sister to cancel it but she said she can’t, and called me “indecisive”. I said there’s no need to hurt my feelings but she said she works so hard so is “understandably annoyed”

So the gift came today and I opened it and it was the coffee and biscuits I ordered and book will only come in two weeks. Then saw message from my mom saying do NOT open it. Oh God! But I told her I didn’t eat of the food etc yet. She told me to give it back to hubby’s mom saying I won’t accept bribes.

So she phoned my husband’s mother and somehow she must have blabbed it out to her daughter my husband’s sister and his sister sent me a flood of these unspeakably rude messages

saying I’m spreading rumours and that im twisted and have sick mind and need help and am a silly woman and she called me a “sickbird” (a what?..) lol it was actually hilarious in its profanity.

I told my mom as she had said I must relay if they say anything. Waiting for her reply. God, she’s going to blow her top! She’s already so angry that my husband’s sister bribing me.

My husband’s sister claimed later that it’s an appreciation gift but it was more a bribe as she first intended to give me gift to try to change my mind about leaving hubby.

I’m getting paranoid not only about hubby but about his family as well. God I can’t wait to leave his family!!! I feel so sorry for him that he has to have such a crazy dysfunctional family! I love him but I can’t anymore

I can’t.

I can’t wait to get out.


If you are going to leave him, how come you asked his sister to get you something?? That can give them the wrong message?

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I never asked his sister to give me something - she insisted to give me something. I never asked.

She pushed it on me

She asked me what I wanted yes but I had little choice because she half forced it on me to tell her what I wanted. Said she is waiting for my list. I shouldn’t have given into her pressure

I’m glad you got the book you wanted…maybe she wants to lift your spirit up, for she knows that you’ve been through a tough time. But it seems to me that the gift is more like an apology for her brother, than a bribe

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Idk why you seem to be defending her but she’s been incredibly rude to me.

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Ever hear of “take the money and run?” I completely understand everything you are saying. None of this is your fault at all. These people sound crazy. And you sound very polite. I’d accept the gifts and leave anyway! The bribe didn’t work! And once a gift is given its yours! Who cares whatthey think about you anyway?? You are under no obligation to impress anyone! Good luck on having a great future ahead of you! Also, as I suggest quite often, if you are unsure of your decisions in any way, you might try discussing with a qualified therapist because they can help you feel much better!

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Have you thought of maybe going to couples counseling?

Like cause maybe that way you can work through some issues or it can at least make the break up a little cleaner??

Also might get his family off your back

I’m not really defending her, I just suppose that’s why she offered you gifts, that’s all. Taking the money and run approach is cool… if she feels annoyed, then she shouldn’t be offering gifts in the first place lol

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