Oh shut the fuck up hermione!

“Hearing voices isn’t even good in the wizarding world harry.” - Hermione grainger

Getting ■■■■■■ with in movies even.

In the craft they just ran us over for no ■■■■■■■ reason.

Voice goes “You know why mate, you know why? Because we can see them, we know what they do little guy, we know it all. We can see it all, when it comes to us there are no secrets on the earth, walls won’t hide you from us. Of course those pricks would say that about you. And i mean everything man, you don’t even want to know what the ■■■■ is up with your shitty planet and it’s different facets. Of course a witch would say it’s not good to hear me. We could say give you a map that pin points every single dark witch on earth and give you a detailed list of their crimes.”

Hearing voices, not even good in the wizarding world.


Real, fake, insane, insert anything here, hermione can get it.

I cringed at this part, too.

didn’t bother me bc she is right, aint no good ever came from hearing voices unless you are listening to your own conscience that is lol,

but seriously, what good does it do?

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