Oh no not again

Anxiety creeping in again. Going with my mom and friend to see some wholesale artwork for our business. In the car writing this. Fingers crossed hoping for no anxiety attack today. Attacks are so fickle sometimes.

learn to ignore your fears of having anxiety. Once you do that you won’t be afraid anymore…tell yourself…"so what if I have anxiety?. I will get through it."
that’s how I beat it anyways…good luck.

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Do you have attacks where you feel like you’re dying/losing your mind completely??? I used to have those and wouldn’t wish it on ANYBODY. Fortunately those went away with time for me.

If your meds are good it shouldnt be an issue. Or maybe ur anxiety is separate from schizophrenia? Have u ever tried a benzodiazepine called lorazepam/ativan? It really helps you relax when you get those feelings of being totally out of control. Benzos in general are goid for anxiety but they are very addictive so u should only use them when all else has failed.