Oh no I'm stuck

I’m stuck in that head space where you feel like your still asleep and can’t quite wake up. I hate it and it usually lasts all day. I don’t need this today, I’ve got plenty to do to get ready for Christmas dinner tomorrow. Other than caffeine what can I do to wake myself up?


Splash cold water on your face. If you have any uplifting essential oils put one on and smell it. Drink plenty of water. Listen to some tunes. I heard music is supposed raise dopamine levels and make you more awake. Eat healthy foods in small amounts. Exercising is supposed to be energizing too. Also don’t over stress about getting ready for Christmas tomorrow. I know easier said than done.

Sorry you are so sleepy. I hope you feel more awake soon.

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Sometimes when I’m feeling out of it I’ll get down and do some push-ups or run in place. And…this sounds weird…but occasionally I’ll let out a big “WHOOOO!!” To pump myself up.

Just make sure nobody can hear you :joy::joy::joy:

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I took a little nap and now I’m drinking coffee and I’m starting to come out of it. It’s a Christmas miracle. lol

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