Oh no! I'm sick!

Argh! My husband made me sick! I have a cold or upper respiratory infection or something, and this is really bad. I’m supposed to see my soon-to-be 100 year old great-grandmother at the end of the month for her birthday. I’m flying down south for the occasion. I can’t visit her if I have even the remnants of an infection. This is bad! Any ideas for speeding up recovery? I have a cough, chest congestion, and a sore throat.

NyQuil we love you you giant ■■■■■■■ quite. Denis leary

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I’m no help, I usually just pretend I’m fine and get lots of fresh air. Brush your teeth a lot and wash your hands more often. Hope you feel better soon.

Go to the doctor and find out what you have. If it’s bacterial, you can get antibiotics.

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