Oh no...hitler is...back and....likeable...?

The movie is guess who’s back…staring Hitler…in modern Germany…its been a while since I tried to watch a comedy…I’m glad I did…found it hilarious…people explaining their modern political views to Hitler…saying you want labor camps for immigrants takes on a whole new meaning when your telling hitler…its like borat but Hitler…

None of that sounds enjoyable…but it is…its on Netflix…

I’ve heard in a couple of places that some of the Nazi leaders were amiable and likable. This one woman on the internet who was in the bunker with Hitler towards the end of the war said she liked Hitler, but when she left the bunker she realized the untold misery he had inflicted upon millions of people. It just goes to show how wide a difference there can be between our outward appearance and our inner morality.


Sometimes i think of them when they were children.

Hitler, pol pot, stalin, all of the serial killers, at one point just like to play with their toys. It’s eerie ■■■■ and it makes you wonder what the ■■■■ happened.


Life happened, they realized how shitty it was and decided they were gonna make it even worse

I saw your headline and thought you were referring to Trump.


Neat avatar pic

Who is that

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Oh, thank you, @Daze! My avatar is a drawing I did to represent how I was feeling that day, so not an identity so much as a state of mind.


Its actually a serious movie…it shows the state of the world…the YouTube/ Google generation is pretty lost…example…its OK for Hitler to be on Tv and YouTube…but he had better never hurt a small dog…because that’s somehow worse…I broke out in a cold sweat when the gravity of what I was seeing sunk in…

I took an online class we were asked to choose

What role you’d want to be during our days of slavery

I said midwife

I was shocked by how many of these young said they wanted to be slaves

Omg there is no real connection with history

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The YouTube generation may be the death of us…



I’d pick pampered society spinstress, personally. Holed up in my family library with my writings and arcane experiments.


I’d also like to be leading underground movements fearing for my life!


Have you ever seen the Hitler YouTube clips where it’s him from a movie yelling at his generals and people throw in subtitles like it’s him yelling about a car company, or pokemon go, or other random things , I find them funny

Hitler jokes…have a fine line…that sounds pretty dam funny though…

When I was visiting The Dachau concentration camp in 1989, I had a man come up to the oven I was staring at and he said "Hitler wasn’t all that bad."
My face couldn’t look away from that oven to even acknowledge what had just spoken, so he had to add,
Well…Hitler is responsible for building the autobahn.

I never wanted to slug another human being so hard in the face as that thing that just talked.

Which just goes to show,
the clueless procreate faster when they’re inbred.

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I’ve had delusions that just about everyone in the world are muslim nazis .

I cried and said im neither.

I also had a thought that there was brilliant humor somewhere in it with army of lovers and Seinfeld and howdy hi there but I’m over it and don’t see the humor in it anymore.

I did feel some form love for him but not agree with it at all but but I love most beings possibly all in some format but probably not.

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When I was going through the mental breakdown bad after dad passed. My therapist told me some people think they’re Hitler incarnate… I guess that played on my thoughts for a while and I was walking into a pawn shop and it was all white people in there and they were staring at me and I thought I was Hitler or something.

you know sometimes these therapists and docs put ideas in us. =(

my doc asked me if I thought I was Jesus - and it was like - I started asking myself if I am? during psychosis.

But you must have been able to discern that you weren’t because you aren’t a guy? But your right, therapist do put crap in your head…