Oh My God, What A Fruit Loop By Dr Zen

Over the course of my illness treatment i have had over 56 case mangers some ware good some bad, but the ones that open up to me, i cherish the most, and it never surprise most got interested in there job by relating to the illness by a drug experience, one talked about a trip on mushrooms, were tiny fairies dance on the hood of the car, and another lsd trip truned bad. and the most common one’s is the old time stoners.


Nothing worse than being stone cold sober with a bunch of drunk people…Unless it’s being among a group of stoned people…unless they are tripping balls!

I tend to think it’s all brain chemicals anyways. Even enlightenment is a chemical process. Trouble is that sz really does suck and it’s not constructive. Lsd is just smoke and mirrors. It’s not magical and it’s not mystical but you see that with people suffering. People who are high might have a good time but they don’t go through the lows a person with sz does. You can’t mimic that! :slight_smile:

The only drug I ever tried was alcohol. I’ve been drunk only a few times


You’re very smart.


Weed is potently hallucinogenic for me, I avoid it.

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