Oh my god Sheri how did things get so bad?

Maybe if I had my parents to talk to about targeting

Maybe if anyone could help it

Now you got no one

Mm mm Stella. Zelda.

Hey, honey. Sorry you’re feeling so alone right now. I wish I could help.

You do.

It doesn’t take much to care.

The street light when off at aunt Kays
She said first time ever

Imagine that kind of s-hit going thru my body

I need my man


Where is he today?

Me: Phil deoge Chewbacca

So shaggy

Phil: I thought you said she chewing my tobacco


My dog Aviator has gotten pretty shaggy, too. I need to give him a haircut. I did just wash him and blow dry him, so he is cute and fluffy, but his hair is starting to obscure his vision.

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