Oh my God! I get to see my baby

I get to see my son supervised so there is.no contact between me and baby daddy one. It is on camera with a third party. I pay 50$ and meet them in fort worth cps family courts building. There is a 30 minimum waiting list so I am going to call Monday! Bookmarked it if I forget seizures lol. I am so excited. I was just waiting until I left here because I would rather take a uber car than ride with my moms sex offender husband. I do not want to be seen with him. Ewwwww!

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30 day waiting list.

I feel like my baby daddies are going to fight…me and my friends think so. Why do guys fight?

I need to think this thru, I am a female. I do not get it. I have not spoke to either of them, I feel this feeling. Now they are gonna play it off.

I said you’re not working bringing us in money goodbye I’m not supporting you

One hour that is it.

Mark is here the log cabin guy. Dan is here with his woman carol.

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My son Dylan says hi. Independent.

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Comedy relief. They are not fighting for me they are fighting with me. GREAT!

Don’t let them get on your case. I’m going to love tonight. Make up love.

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No ultrasound saving money.

My mom is being a bitch saying i.need to see a psych doc cause i am not lucid ■■■■ her and her pedophile husband can shut the ■■■■ up. Saying im not pregnant wtf are these two on?!


Sweetie, if you suspect placental abruption, get to the hospital now.