Oh my blank it's genetics!

All of this talk about genetics is the creepiest ■■■■ i’ve ever heard.

All that it really means is that perhaps someone doesn’t really prefer your genetics, holy ■■■■!

We all know it happens right? It’s no secret right? We live in a world where you genetics can make alot of people hate you.

If there are common genetic links in us id be very interested to see what the genetics are known for creating in a person wouldn’t you? Some genetics could make you look quite tasty wouldn’t you say? Or make you a target to some yes?

Thats science for ya, they can really get into the details about why im being murdered can’t they. Science be praised! Describing to me why im being murdered on a genetic level, who in the ■■■■ gave these mutated apes science anyway?!

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We live in a caring society there are a bunch of meds that help people to live with something they were born with. Genes regarding schiz is generally thought as born with a predisposition to the illness. No one can really discriminate based on what people are born with. Because it could be anyone’s story , no one can be sure of avoiding a whole host of problems.

You actually live in a world wide powder keg. Everyone is in it entirely for themselves and no one cares about anyone.

A predisposition, you could say that actually. I had a predisposition to get murdered.

Everyone if they are serious about making a go in life needs to be positive. Of course I could get hit by a car crossing the road and end up a quadriplegic , but if I was to think that negatively I would never live

For all the elitist in Hollywood so called dufus Sylvester Stallone won an Oscar , how did he do it…you may laugh…

I agree completely with your reasoning.

I would agree, people should be positive.

But here is what we’re going to do, screw eachother over each and everyday and almost no one is going to be positive because of it. Like i said it’s every man for himself and most people will simply work very hard for very little their entire lives and then die a horrible death.

You can’t just bark at people to be positive for no reason which is what we’re all doing at this point. Most people are simply writhing and imploding each and every day.

And what do you mean if we are to make a go at life? We’re just thrown into this and we’re very stupid at first and before you know it you are just working at the mill as usual. None of us “made a go” at life we were just thrown in it and then told what to do.

Some people love life bro , they wake up everyday and they say ‘what you got for me today’. That’s how a lot of people live.

Genetics is a mathematical way of determining or predetermining what a person will be like- mathematical predeterminism. In that world, there is no room for freedom.