Oh, I was clean al right, just wasn't allowed to get dirty

Our provider’s 3 year old granddaughter visits here a lot and is very good at making a mess and walking away from it. I had wondered why I did not feel grateful when my mother told me she kept me clean. By not allowing me to have any kids kind of fun, that’s how. And that’s why I have a hard time doing anything at all now.

Thats sad. But it is probably how I’d raise my kids. SIt down shut up try to learn something.

One doesn’t learn much sitting in a chair. Especially not when one is little.

I am so sorry about that. That is sad.

little kids go through a phase of Kinesthetic learning. They learn by doing and touching and smushing and building. It engages tactile, visual, and auditory. So three senses engaged instead of just sitting in a chair listening to someone go blah…blah… blah…blah…

Yeah, that’s what I missed out on. And it shows because my coordination is very poor.