Oh hail the moon

Oh hail the moon

The sun the stars the planets.

May a meteorite strike the earth and send it flying off its axis.

May our earth collide with Jupiter Neptune and Saturn

May it burst into a great ball of flames.

And this the beginning starts again.

May I escape in a tiny rocket ship with my pug.

And we will live happily ever after on Pluto.

Amen I ask and it shall come to pass. Praise be.


It’s not right…

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Space out on space again

oh hail the moon

Let the heavens collide.

Another Big Bang

Falling stars.


Let the stars burn out

Let the universe collapse

Amen praise be I ask and it shall come to pass.

Whatchu talkin about, Willis?

Hoping you know the old tv show… I cant remember the name of it lol

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