Oh Great Potato, thank you for your supreme sacrifice

You made delicious tater tots for supper tonight.


Mmm tater tots :drooling_face:


A guy in the 1940’s was sentenced to death by electric chair. His last words stand out among the hundreds of people who have been sentenced to death. His name was John French and as the press watched, he was strapped into the electric chair. Right before they threw the switch, he shouted out, “Hey boys, how is this for a headline in tomorrow’s
newspaper? “French fries”.


The criminal mind has been jailed so much, I know nothing about it…

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The really hardcore cons really do have a different mindset. A very real, learned, different way of looking at the world. It’s not faked, it’s not just “brought out” on special occasions. It’s based on a world behind bars where cheating someone out of a cigarette can mean a beating.




lol I love this cute image. What an innocent looking potato :slight_smile: and his eyes look so happy I wish I was this potato man heehe

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The mighty potato has fed millions of mouths and kept people from starving in times of scarcity. Flowers like the tulip and the poppy have brought down great civilizations.

How did they bring down civilizations?

I hereby supplicate to the spudster.


The poppy brought down China by getting everyone addicted to opium. A whole lot of outside interests in China used opium to make the Chinese docile and helpless. I know that sometimes the Chinese would get paid for their work in opium, and not cash. The tulip brought down the Dutch in the seventeenth century, I believe. They became obsessed with the tulip, and paid unrealistically high prices for coveted flowers. A bubble developed in the Dutch market because everyone was paying unrealistic prices for tulip bulbs. It didn’t destroy the Dutch, but it did bring them down from their position of dominance over much of the trade in Europe at the time. .


We humans are a foolhardy breed @crimby

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