Oh god why?

Topamax…wtf is this i feel like i drank 15 redbulls and i forgot math…this sucks…

Other than that, is it working for you?

No anxiety is on 11…i feel drugged and confused its no good…

I heard some people call it Dopamax because it makes you feel strange. I’m sorry mate. I hope it gets better.

Preciate it how have yall been

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I’ve been alright. Just got bumped on my meds and am a bit worried.

I quit taking topomax because it made me forget so much that I was dysfunctional. Though if you have problem sweat from some of your other meds, it will cure that.

Its always scary when they mess with your meds…just monitor yourself…you be ok

okay thanks :slight_smile:


Warning on topamax was nice of them but intensity and duration should be included on this particular med…i still feel like a movie version of an insane person…what…

I think I tried Topamax to help me stop drinking. I don’t think it had much of an effect on me. I’ve given up on finding some kind of designer drug that will make my life much better. I’ve just settled for drugs that will control my symptoms.

I requested to be put back on Topamax because it kept my weight down. Guess I’m really upside down on my meds because I never had a problem with forgetting things nor felt hyped up.
In the first few weeks though, I told two restaurants that their fountain drink machine went flat-despite their protest they just refilled them. Wasn’t until I drank a can of newly bought soda that I realized it was from my meds instead.

I’ve been on topomax for about 2years for weight management and its small mood stabilization effects. I found that the dopeyness went away after a couple of months. It definately decreased my appetite when I wrnt up to 200mg. Along with myfitnesspal i’ve lost 26lbs so far and 2 pant sizes.