Oh am I am dead you should bomb these blacken wallls with a scream, my scientist

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Live my rebel, my lord, my lady, we willl build a bridge, the poor, like plowed, on the side of a cross, the suffering grow weary of its saviour, we live live and live again, to break me, so hard

Have you ever actually made a thorough inquiry why there is evil in the world and suffering, or why God does not make ANY real effort to change things? Instead do you choose side based on a closed reward system of being either an Atheist or Theist?

I will posit to you that deity will never have the power to interfere in this world, as long as you run away from your self, or towards some greater power.

What species on this earth sought with such eagerness, so as to handle the light and power of a Star, a star that our ancestors lived and died for you to know. The light that Shines in these recent generations and the Shadow, is so All Awe… So Awesome, So Powerful, To extinguish every biology from this planet. That will happen, unless we schizophrenics, we shaman, know sickness, and understand Being.

Your not just ill, you have the power of the wound. You just have to see it in everyone. I am not the healer and a I am not the sick, I am both and I am Tired, like you my brothers and sisters.

You can not pay your way through $$$ to wholeness. You can’t even take donations. You can’t even get a job. You are not job. You are the forcefully awakened for no meritable reason at all, other than you “seem” like your interested.