Officially Retired?

So I’m in a pretty good spot at the moment and this came up the other day at my shrink.

I’ve stopped the volunteering due to some stupid politic so there’s that but as I said to my psydoc the other day. I’m not going back to work and honestly I’m in a spot where I can say I am retired from it. I’m spending my days doing the right things and maintaining some great exercise so I’m fitter now at 51 than I was in my 30’s…I’m mentally good without stress and on my meds which have recently come down but probably at their bottoms…

So. I live a good life. I have enough disposable incomes to have some nice things and have some hobbies…I won’t be able to accrue wealth and some things but I have no issue so I came into this world with nothing and when I’m gone that isn’t going to change…

So. I think I’ll do just that and officially retire from work! I’m done. Stick a fork in me! :slight_smile:


*sir level pokes @rogueone with a fork, then congratulates a graduation to a future of fun filled recreational activities * :blush:


I still hold out the hope that I may reenter the workforce but then the reality of sza stomps my brains out.

Good on you for having hobbies.


I hope you enjoy your retirement @rogueone .


Great that you can early retire.

I wanted that too for a while.


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