Official Social Media Detox thread


I want to do like ariana grande. Any tips?



Any ideas? 15151515



Sorry. I don’t know anything about Ariana Grande. I’m just posting so you know that we’re not all ignoring you. I hope someone else has some tips for you though.



This forum is basically my social media platform. Eventually I will move on to the normie platforms once I am healed.



I do this + glance at facebook and instagram every couple weeks, then spend tome recovering. I didn’t look at them since 2015.

I use youtube alot, I try and watch things to entertain or educate, recently am not doing so as much, short attention and moods.

I use whatsapp to keep in touch w/family. I use twitter every couple of weeks bcoz there are funny people I followed, like 15 of them, and it makes me feel glad. No friends or family.

This forum is a place I communicate to other ppl w/my condition and share advice on things. I used it a lot in the past and do now for support. It has the same effect of social media, with intermittent reward etc.

Not bad if used in moderation and for the right purposes, and mostly, if you have stabilized. Otherwise, at least for me, I have found it to be addictive.

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I don’t know what you mean about ariana grande but I quit social media run by the big companies like facebook, tumblr, I also don’t use google anymore I use duckduckgo. The privacy stuff was creeping me out like targeted advertising. I feel a lot better. The technology I use feels less intrusive. I am on mastodon which is decentralised and not owned by one big company and no ads. I talk to friends on signal which is encrypted and there are settings so that your messages aren’t stored. I also use riot which is a matrix instance and decentralised like masto. also i joined here because i feel lonely there is no big schizophrenia community on masto. I guess I am still using social media but my experience is different.



1. step one (for me)

replace hardcore (tampers w/dopamine) w/milder or better, “gradual wean”.

i was gonna look at instagram feed today because im bored, instead i decided not to, and will abstain for the next month, looking at these feeds pulls strings in my brain which make me feel bad

this hurts me most because my social life is not like that which is portrayed by other people, even if a bit of looking helps me take cues from others…overall it can be damaging to take that info in too fast when unstable

i will limit youtube to music and boring educational things…no ted talks or conspiracy stuff, just slow plodding well researched public nonprofit stuff, also mental illness channels like the one i posted before

thecvideos help me understand my condition

finally, will look at twitter as much as i like

i will not limit this forum, but i will not look at facebook or instagram

more so than anything, i want to balance my brain out…that also means not using google too much, because it becomes a repetitive reward seeking behavior, and eventually my phone gravitates a set distance around me when not in hand



oh im definately hooked on Social media LOL my only cure is work…gets me off the computer/phone



Thank you @KevonThePoet!

Anyone else have suggestions of things which help them stay off social media?

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Just do something fun! A new hobbies or something would be great why not try making music

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Michael Jackson released the album off the wall on august 10 1979 (wikipedia) and so that’s it…



Hi there, hey everyone!




The only way I know of to fully control social media addiction is to replace it with a better addiction. Make sure what is done for productivity is more engaging / enjoyable than social media!



any more advice?



I like social media. If you use it for what it’s worth, ie keeping in contact with people it’s great.

I still keep in touch with people I know in the US. I use it to keep in touch with the guys and girls from the cricket club and I use it to keep in touch with family.

If you don’t need it. Stop. Do something different. I know people in the wide world who don’t have social media accounts. My sister is one. She’s crazily connected and successful but does it as a guide to her children. She survives quite happily without even knowing what facebook is about!

This board isn’t too bad but it’s moderated. You really need that in this modern world.

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Be yourself. I don’t want everybody to know me. But I checked out some ‘old friends’ by phone and email, but they rejected me. I am curious about people but don’t want the addiction of social media. Only a foolish person says everything on his mind and expresses all his emotions. Its fine for some @social media but too much to get involved with for me.



that’s the best part of it, is being vulnerable and human to the static nothingness

when people are sitting there online doing nothing, yeah, they’re the killers.



I’m just on social media for the memes and my friends



I’m confident now from mania, i looked at facebook with no fear and felt in control, but now im afraid i will lose it forever, but when i get back to baseline or the other end…nothing will happen or ill just be a bit more asocial. or have no interest…at baseline ive never been energized by these sorts of things.

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any ideas? 151515


Social media addiction is not natural or normal – but is it really a disease?