Official Forum Programming/Design Thread

Today I’m using Head First Java (2nd ed) to supplement my ridulously expensive Liang - Intro to Java (10th ed).

Head First Java is the best. It’s visual and funny, the two things I need to really pay attention.


Even though i don’t like ubuntu, im installing it on an old laptop right now. im just bored…

im picking up more and more on programming through my Java class. its a little discouraging being a beginner though, because you don’t get to make very powerful or cool programs yet

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I have a buddy who teaches this kinda stuff… he loves it and makes good money…teaching plus security advisor to various businesses… good luck @Nomad it sounds like you enjoy it were all proud of you…

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Also consider programming in Python. It’s fun, and easy to learn. You can make great programs using Python more quickly.

All the best with Java!

@aakash I have been learning Python on the side, actually. I will be making a website with Django, a Python web framework.

Django has excellent documentation. It is a good choice for a web framework :slight_smile: