Office Chair

They were going to charge me $22 to assemble it, and so I asked the guy. He said it was simple to put together.

I understand the assembly well enough. But I can’t get my hands to do what is required. Trump!


I’m lucky I’ve worked jobs with tools and still use those skills much later in life as a volunteer groundsman. Did you have to cough up the $22? Last time we got some lounge chairs delivered the moving guys offered to put them together but I said no…I’d do it myself.

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I started the job at home at 9 PM. I suppose I could load the parts up in my car and take it back to the store. My current plan is to sleep on it and try again tomorrow . . .

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Perhaps phone a friend? I’m sure the store will put it together if you take it down but not sure of the charge…Some people are so mercenary these days. I would offer to do it for you but this tyranny of distance makes such offers bogus…Wish you luck my friend.

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Either one of my brothers could do it. I may see Jimmy here soon.

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My brother was just here. He put the chair together.

He said it was good that I stopped when I did. He said if I cross threaded the parts, I could have caused a problem.

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I hope your brother can help you and that you didn’t warp the parts.

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Thanks @ZmaGal. When my brother finished putting it together, he said it was good I waited for him to come because if I had pushed ahead, I might have made more work.

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Hmm?. . .


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I just got a really nice office chair and I couldn’t lift it to put it together myself. I asked my son in law to come on over and put it together for me. He was sweet enough to run on over and do so. The kid makes $15 an hour doing odd jobs usually. It took him about 30 minutes and I just happened to have a twenty dollar bill. So I gave it to him. He tried to turn it down but I insisted telling him he earned it. Now I give him checks for $100 every once in awhile for my grandbabies, just to help out. So twenty bucks was nothing and he did earn it.

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That’s great that he helped you. :slight_smile:

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