Offensive SNL Abilify Commercial Parody

Am I the only one offended by this skit? I’m seriously pissed off.


It’s an SNL skit so don’t take it too heavily. By that I mean SNL is not even funny to begin with besides the original cast with John Belushi. I’m surprised they haven’t cancelled it yet. Present day SNL is for actors who aren’t funny enough to get real acting jobs when it should be spotting new talent. Now give me Chevy Chase, John Belushi, and Dan Akroyd thats a funny mix. Also this might help to know I was born after the orginal cast disbanded thats how bad it is now. And i’ll give it to Chris Farley too he was funny rest his spirit.

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Very funny send-up of American political candidates…

I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing! :wink:

I didn’t find it offensive at all…being able to laff at myself helped me get through some of the darkest moments with this affliction. And I am on Abilify!

@Malvok I also didn’t like the way they portrayed the mentally ill as those guys on the skit. poor taste.

Thats funny…Once upon a time I actually had ambitions…Then after a year of Abilify I couldnt even read the newspaper, my memory span was 5 minuttes and I had trouble walking…

SRY @Malvok for me this is actually the truth…“It destroys the area of the brain…”

where theres smoke there is fire

Abilify is toxic for some people…

It’s quite shocking for me to see abilify used in a comedy context.

I think it is a sign that we are becoming more accepted. People are aware of one of our drugs and what it is used for. People were laughing instead of reeling back in terror. That is a step forwards in ending stigma.

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I thought it was funny but also liberal. Why didn’t they do it for the democraps?

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I think Canadians over all are funnier than Americans for the sole reason that our self-deprecation allows us to have a laff at our own expense.

Yankee humor is usually more “pointy finger in face” style. That’s why I liked this spoof. I would even bet money a Canadian writer came up with this sketch. :wink:

Probably because everyone knows there are only two serious democratic candidates, and no one is totally sure which of them will become the official candidate.


Would this parody have been any less offensive to you if the medication used in the bit was called something else other than Abilify?

Perhaps they could have chosen a made-up name for the meds…like “Realitin” or somethin…that would have been just as funny and less offensive to some in my opinion I suppose.

I’m trying to see all sides of this one.

I dunno…

Is this Dana Carvey sketch funny or offensive? Thoughts?

That is hilarious, but also pretty offensive to me. I just can’t decide.

You’re not the only one offended. I find this severely offensive.

I found it to be offensive - It doesnt help our cause at all.

My Mom suffers from Dementia - its not a laughing matter

I think when it comes to Comedy, you’re going to offend at least somebody or some group

I think the test is…“Is it funnier than it is mean”?

I believe both videos shown on this thread so far are more funny than mean…so I’d give them both a “thumbs up”…regardless of the fact that I am schizophrenic and battling this illness.

My 2 cents

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who cares what you think @Patrick

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You’re too fragile to mess with, @jukebox

I feel sorry for you, so I’ll just end things there.

■■■■ you @Patrick

You’ve attacked me out of the blue with your virulent tantrums in the past…

And you’re doing it again. A leopard can’t change his spots I suppose.

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