Off to the beach for the day

Family day out. What you up to.


I’m doing gardening today tho really not in the mood, I’ve already promised that to my landlady. Looks like a nice day in UK today, have fun.


Prep for endoscopy today. Shave off my beard. Shower. No eating past midnight. No liquids or diabetes meds in the morning. Also hoping ot get an e bike ride in.

Edit: Also getting a fathers day present in the mail for dad.

Edit 2: If they end up delivering on Sunday, that is.

Have fun at the beach!


Nothing much. Pick up my groceries in the morning, clean the bathroom and then go to group.


I went to the church clean up day to plant flowers and broke into tears about the whole COPD diagnosis. And i was miserable cuz I’m still all congested and can’t breathe…but so many nice people gave me hugs and pats on the back. I really AM loved by my church family, just my crappy self esteem never lets me realize it. I really am lucky…


It’s Election Day in Belgium and I went to vote.

We have regional, federal and European elections all on 1 day!


I hope you have a great day. I am just chilling at home and making playlists for my music.


Nice to read the replies. Hope you endoscopy went well @Bowens

Here is a pic I took today. The weather wasn’t brilliant but we enjoyed it none the less.


I miss going to the beach. Will have to wait until next year! To go swimming in one.

But I’m visiting one with the bf in November for a walk.

It’s good u guys enjoyed.


Today I had lunch with family, played league of legends with family, went to the park with Mom and got stuff from grocery store its been a busy day.

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Are church brothers and sisters can be a tremendous comfort.


It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen the seaside in Belgium.

But I enjoyed the beach in Barcelona 2 months ago.

Glad to read you enjoyed your time at the beach despite of the weather.

Here it’s a dismal day today.

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Nice to hear you enjoyed the beach in Barcelona @Jonathan2

I cant believe how well we all slept last night. And today I feel on top of the world. Think the fresh air did me the world of good.


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